Priyamani Shares Heartfelt On-Set Memory: ‘SRK Gave Us The Warmest And Tightest Bear Hugs On Jawan Set’; Sheds Light On ‘The Family Man 3’

Priyamani Fondly Recalled How Shah Rukh Khan, Despite His Towering Celebrity Status, Never Let It Interfere With The Camaraderie Among The Actors On Set

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest cinematic masterpiece, “Jawan,” continues its stellar performance at the box office, raking in substantial earnings for the producers, and the numbers are still on the rise. Amid the film’s triumph, one of the talented actresses from the cast, Priyamani, recently shared a heartwarming memory from the sets of “Jawan.”

In an interview with Zoom Entertainment, Priyamani fondly recalled how Shah Rukh Khan, despite his towering celebrity status, never let it interfere with the camaraderie among the actors on set. She revealed, “After the shoot, he would go to his van, get changed, and give us all the warmest and tightest bear hugs. He would plant kisses on our foreheads and take care of all of us with his kindness and generosity. This is one of my fondest memories from the sets of ‘Jawan.'”

When asked about her desire to collaborate with Shah Rukh Khan in a full-fledged film, Priyamani expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Everyone, please manifest that for me. I would love, love, love to share the screen with Shah Rukh Khan and do another film with him.”

Priyamani, known for her exceptional acting skills, has also made a mark in the hit series “The Family Man” alongside Manoj Bajpayee. When questioned about the much-anticipated third installment of “The Family Man,” the actress tantalizingly revealed, “I can’t reveal much, but yes, it is definitely happening, and the audience will enjoy every bit of this Raj and DK’s labor of love.”

As “Jawan” continues to make waves in the film industry, Priyamani’s heartwarming anecdote and her aspirations to work with Shah Rukh Khan have added an extra layer of charm to the film’s success story. Fans eagerly await her future projects and the forthcoming installment of “The Family Man.”

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