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Pratima Kazmi Recalls Working With Salman Khan In Dabangg 3

Actor Pratima Kazmi has all the good things to say about her Dabangg 3 co-star Salman Khan.

Pratima Kazmi is a popular Television and Bollywood actor who has worked in numerous hit films and TV serials. She shared screen space with Salman Khan in the 2019 film Dabangg 3.

In a recent interview, she recalled her experience working with Salman Khan. Pratima said, “I have worked with Salman Khan before also. I did a film with him called ‘No Entry’. I played Boman Irani’s wife in that film. He used to love my character. After that film, I always wondered that Salman never remembered me. But when I got the call for Dabangg 3, I was told Salman Khan specifically recommended my name since I worked with him in ‘No Entry’ also. Salman had apparently told his team that I would be the perfect fit for the role in Dabangg 3. I felt really good hearing this.”

Sharing her experience from the sets of Dabangg 3, Pratima told, “Salman greeted me humbly. It didn’t feel like we were meeting after so many years. He also introduced me to Prabhudeva and appreciated my work. So, even though I played a small role in ‘No Entry’, it feels good to know that a big star still remembers me for it.”

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“He used to bring home-cooked food on the sets and offered me to join him. All the actors used to sit together and eat. Even in between the shots, Salman used to sit with the rest of us, instead of going back to his vanity van. When I work in TV serials these days, I see these young actors going back to their vanity vans in between every shot. But Salman being a superstar stayed with us. I guess we all should learn this from him,” she further added.

Pratima recently appread on &TV’s popular sitcom ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ in which she played Vibhhuti’s mother Helen.

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