When Vinod Khanna Forcefully Kisses Dimple Kapadia During An Intimate Scene Left Actress Scared

During the shooting for Prem Dharm with Dimple Kapadia, one night the situation got out of hand, leaving the actress scared.

Who can forget the handsome, talented, and every female fan’s favourite Bollywood actor, Vinod Khanna? During his tenure, he won everyone’s heart, all thanks to his exceptional performances. He worked in many films with leading actresses of his time, and one of them was Dimple Kapadia. The duo worked together in many films, including Insaaf, Batwara, Aakhri Adaalat, Khoon Ka Karz, Lekin, and others. But only a few know that their film, Prem Dharm, which took a long time to shoot, still never got a theatrical release. It was later renamed Marg and released directly on home video.

When you’re a part of the glitzy glamour world, nothing can be hidden, and it doesn’t take long for a rumour or piece of news to hit the streets of Tinseltown. 

Here is the throwback story that shocked everyone. Vinod Khanna was a very hardworking actor who used to work day and night on several projects and was quite busy shooting after returning from Bhagawan Rajneesh’s ashram. Some reports claim that this was the time when he was shooting for Prem Dharm with Dimple Kapadia, and one night the situation got out of hand, leaving the actress scared.

What happened was that in one scene, Vinod intended to hug and kiss Dimple before finally falling asleep. However, Vinod arrived late to the set as he was too exhausted from working nonstop. In a dimly lit room full of crew members, Mahesh started the camera by stating action,” and Vinod followed his lead. Vinod gave a few kisses to Dimple and later hugged her, but Mahesh decided to shoot one more long shot to capture the passion of the scene.

So, Mahesh shifted his base and shooting equipment some distance and shouted action a little louder than last time, after which Vinod started kissing Dimple. Mahesh asked for a cut when the actor gave her a hug. Vinod kept hugging and kissing her again, as he was unable to hear Mahesh’s voice due to distance. She was terrified and pleaded with the director for assistance, but Vinod stuck to his performance and lost control.

Well, not just Dimple, but the director of the film, Mahesh, was also shocked by the incident. Some of his assistants were instructed to run into the scenes and shout cut. Vinod let go of Dimple the moment he heard the voice. The actress broke down and hurried to the makeup area after the actor’s inhuman behaviour. Later, Mahesh confronted Vinod and demanded that he apologise to Dimple and persuade her that he was too intoxicated. Additionally, he acknowledged that he lost control while filming such private scenes after a long break.

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