Mumtaz Did This When Rajesh Khanna Was Trapped In The Crowd

Rajesh Khann and Mumtaz were one of the favourite couples of that time, but did you know that once an actress saved an actor from the crowd.

Actress Mumtaz, who stepped into Bollywood as a junior artist, was one of the most successful actresses in Hindi films in the seventies. She has shared the screen with many actors, but the pairing of her and actor Rajesh Khanna was very much liked by the audience. Both have worked on many films together and have also shown good results at the box office. 

But do you know that once Rajesh Khanna was trapped in the crowd, Mumtaz took a big step to save him? Scroll down to learn!

In 1971, they were shooting for the film “Dushman.” There were fewer crew members and no specific security precautions because the shooting took place in a small village. Not only in the countryside but also in the village next door, word quickly spread that Rajesh Khanna was the movie’s protagonist. As a result, hordes of people barged in to see the celebrity.

Rajesh Khanna noticed hundreds of people rushing towards him as they broke over the wall just to see him. He had no idea what would transpire with him at the time. People began tugging at his clothes, and some even tried to touch him, which caused a commotion. 

Mumtaz saw that people had crowded to see Rajesh Khanna, in which the actor is trapped. She was brave and confident in her abilities. She went into that crowd and got Khanna out cleverly. He wasn’t hurt, but his shirt was ripped, and his hair was all over the place.

Yes, sometimes fans go crazy enough to see their favourite actor without even realising that the person in front gets hurt.

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