Nora Fatehi Reveals The Secret Behind Her Flawless & Glowing Skin

Nora Fatehi revealed the secret behind her healthy, glowing skin. She said that sunscreen is an unavoidable element in her daily skin care, within that she drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated.

Celebrities’ skincare routines, make-up products, skincare brands have created a buzz among fans. Who does not work wants glowing skin and a beautiful face? And hence, we try to adapt what celebrities use for their face and skin. There are many actresses who own their own beauty brands, and they always suggest their own branded products. But of course, many actresses also use some simple hacks for glowing, clear skin. Madgaon Express actress Nora Fatehi is a social media sensation. And everyone wants to know the secret behind her crystal clear skin. Apart from those expensive beauty brands, what other routine does Nora follow for her skin? Here are the simple skin care tips which Nora follows.

In an exclusive segment with Bollywood Life, Nora talked about her crystal clear skin. The first and foremost factor she emphasized was drinking water. Nora drinks as much water as she can every day. Water helps to keep our skin hydrated and thus healthy too. So one must not forget to drink water, whether it be summer, monsoon or winter. Many people start using sunscreen during summer, which is incorrect. Nora said that she applies sunscreen every day and not only during summer. Sunscreen is a must factor in her skincare.

Nora shared a DIY mask recipe with her fans. She herself uses this DIY skin mask which is simple and all the ingredients are generally available at our place. She uses the mixture of turmeric, honey and saffron to put on her healthy skin. This face mask definitely gives you flawless skin. Don’t forget to adapt Nora’s this basic skincare into yours.

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