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Netflix Original ‘Dhamaka’ Tops Second Among OTT Platforms As Per Latest Ormax Reports!

Kartik Aaryan starrer Dhamaka tops the second most-watched film list on OTT on Ormax reports after the actor’s brilliant performance in the movie.

Despite facing a few panaches after his release of the Netflix movie “Dhamaka”, the movie is now ranked second in the Ormax report, India’s only specialized media consulting firm that ranks most liked Hindi movies and TV shows based on audience engagement. The movie was released on 19 Nov and has generated quite some buzz on the internet since its release.

Loosely based on the South Korean thriller “The Terror Live” (2013), “Dhamaka” is a fairly decent attempt by Ram Madhvani to expose the TRP hungry media. One of the most promoted OTT films in India this year, the movie has received a fairly good response from the audience as well as critics. Many have lauded Kartik Aaryan for his performance, even calling it one of the ‘finest’ performances of his career. All praises to Kartik for not only delivering justice to his character but also choosing a character different from the ‘lover boy’ roles that the actor has previously portrayed. No wonder many believe this movie will help the actor’s acting trajectory to move upward, giving him credibility as a versatile actor.
The actor himself agrees the film to be one the most ‘challenging’ films of his career.
“It was definitely a difficult task, but I feel extremely proud that the entire team managed to finish it in this record time because I don’t think that has happened before with any film,” he said.

For those of you who don’t know, the makers of the film managed to complete the entire shooting of the 1 hour 44 minutes long movie within a span of 10 odd days.
“The credit for this goes to Ram Madhvani sir completely because the way he shoots the movie, it’s unique in itself. I have worked in a number of films but never saw such kind of filmmaking”, Kartik adds. “It’s a privilege you know for actors like us. First time I experienced this.” Further added co-star Mrunal Thakur who plays the wife of the main character in the movie.

Director Ram Madhani further reveals how he never wanted the news to come out that the movie was shot in 10 days. “This way in which I shoot is the 360-degree system, which means there are no lines on set, you can go anywhere you want. For the actor, this is a freeing experience, I don’t do it the traditional way” the director shared.

Despite audiences finding a few loopholes in the plot, the movie still somehow manages to be an explosive thriller loaded with some fine acting, gripping suspense, and high-voltage drama. With a decent 7.09 IMDb rating, the movie is still going strong, topping at number 4 on Netflix’s India’s top 10 list.

Currently Karthik Aryan is gearing up, shooting for his upcoming film “Shehzaada” all set to release in 2022.

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