Mukesh Rishi Recalls His Experience Of Working With Aamir Khan & Salman Khan

Mukesh Rishi outlined his experience of working with Aamir Khan as a turning point in his life. He also talked about Salman Khan's 'Garv'.

Mukesh Rishi recently portrayed a little different character in the series ‘Indian Police Force’ than what he did in his long cinematic journey. During the initial phase of his career, he shared the screen with the big names in the industry, like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. In an exclusive interview with Lehren, Mukesh Rishi shed light on his experience of working with these veteran actors.

Before working in Sarfarosh, Mukesh Rishi did a film with Aamir, ‘Baazi’. During the production of Baazi, Aamir Khan narrated the story of Sarfarosh to Mukesh, but even after approaching him, Mukesh had to give a test for the film. He called those days when he shared the screen with Aamir ‘a turning point’ in his life.

Later, he portrayed Zafar Supari, a don in the Salman Khan starrer ‘Garv’. He emphasized the element of improvisation. In that movie there was no need for any improvisation by actors as almost all characters were designed by director Puneet Issar.

Mukesh Rishi said that his personal life experiences helped him a lot throughout his acting career. Watch this exclusive interview here to know more about Sooryavansham actor Mukesh Rishi.

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