Kiran Rao Talks About Aamir Khan’s ‘Uncommon Bond’ And Her Relationship With Reena Dutt

Kiran Rao talks about Aamir Khan’s ‘uncommon bond’ and her relationship with Reena Dutt: ‘His family is more mine than his.’

Kiran Rao spoke about the media attention she gets every time she is seen in public with her former husband Aamir Khan’s first ex-wife Reena Dutta. “I would love to give tips on modern families to anyone who is looking for them,” she said. “Kiran and Reena are still very close and live in the same building. Kiran still resides in the same building and a recent interview, she said that she is closer to the Khan family than Aamir himself.”

Kiran said in an interview with Film Companion, “I was surprised when it all began. Whenever I’m with Reena, the cameras go wild. They don’t even want to see Aamir. Reena and I smile together because we are friends. Why is that so important?”

She went on to say, “Now that we’re at this point, where everyone is talking about modern family and ‘family 2.0’, I’m really in favor of being the face of this kind of inclusive, modern family. We need to have more of that. So please, I’d be happy to advise anyone who wants to hang out with their ex, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife’s ex, etc. We need to show more people that marriage is an amazing thing and that couples can get divorced and still be friends or family.

Kiran has always expressed her love for normalizing unusual life choices and has spoken publicly about her son Azad’s surrogacy journey. She acknowledged that “normal people” might find it odd that she is so close to her ex-husband despite their divorce. “You’ll see other ex-couples being warm and friendly, but it’s not common for people to be this close,” she said. “I work with Aamir too, and we share the same building. His family is more my family than his, so I think it’s strange that we are so close.”

Kiran got married to Aamir in 2005. The couple filed for divorce in 2021. The couple is currently on a promotional spree for their latest movie, Laapatataa Ladies. The film is directed by Kiran and co-produced by Aamir. Aamir married Reena from 1986 to 2002. The couple had two children together.

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