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Kangana Slams Youtuber Dhruv Rathee’s Viral Video On Her

Stellar ace performer and national award winner Kangana Ranaut slams Youtuber Dhruv Rathee's viral video on her in her tweet on Twitter.

It seems like the fearlessly bold no nonsense Kangana is back at it yet again where being vocal and bold is her nature that makes her who she is today, she has never spared anyone who tries messing with her and this one also comes in as no big deal for the diva as Kangana slams youtuber Dhruv Rathee’s viral video on her.

Never the one who sugar coats things and also not the one who likes mincing her words ever, This time around she has given him a strong piece of reality check where her fans across the globe and the Netizens at the moment right now might be feeling very proud and in awe of their Queen as Kangana slams youtuber Dhruv Rathee’s viral video on her.

Back in September 2020, Youtuber Dhruv Rathee had posted a video about Kangana Ranaut on his Youtube channel which had gone viral and broke the internet by storm. After that, cutting it straight forward to today, In October 2020 recently a social media twitterati Eray Cather, has clearly mentioned and wrote in his tweet that a major and renowned Youtuber is being paid a huge amount to make videos on late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s family, and national award winning actress Kangana Ranaut after which Youtuber Dhruv Rathee cleared the confusion and allegations on him by writing that if it is about him, then the tweet is purely fake and false. This tweet interaction between the twitterati and Dhruv instantly caught the attention and eyes of all the netizens and social media users which then made it go totally viral and trending. After watching the controversial video made by the Youtuber on her, now the quintessential diva Kangana slams youtuber Dhruv Rathee’s viral video on her.

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Kangana has strongly reacted to the video by Dhruv Rathee and also termed him to be a dimwit thereby also slamming him brutally at the same time by speaking very clearly that she can just simply end up putting him behind the bars in jail for lying in his video where he claimed that the BMC had sent Kangana a notice back in the year 2018.

In the controversial Youtube video, Dhruv talked about the hypocritical and two sided statements of Kangana, also told in detail about BMC destroying the office of Kangana, and so on.

After this, Dhruv decided to come clean where he came forward and gave the explanation about the fake news of being paid to make videos on Kangana, the social media user Eray Cather, who had placed allegations thereby accusing Dhruv of doing the said thing, wrote a tweet that read, “One: I’ve not named anyone. If you feel it’s you, you’re welcome. Two: About your fees & deals, @dhruv_rathee — I will definitely talk about it, but my focus is not that as of now. So wait for a while. Three: Am glad you dropped the vid, or not planning now. You answered it”.

Source: Eray Cather Twitter. He wrote this tweet on which Dhruv Rathee gave an explanation

Now after this interaction between twitterati Eray and Youtuber Dhruv, versatile performer Kangana also retweeted the tweet of Eray and wrote a tweet caption which read, “Ha ha well done @ErayCr of course this dimwit gets money to make fake videos I can get him behind bars for lying about BMC notice for my house in his video for which he got paid 60 lakhs,why will anyone lie openly about legal matters unless not given government support or money”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She has slammed Dhruv Rathee in her tweet by calling him a dimwit.

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