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Kangana Praising Taapsee As She-man On Tweet Slammed By Netizens

Being fearlessly bold and never one to mince her words for anyone, Kangana praising Taapsee as 'She-man' in her recent tweet got slammed by netizens.

The reigning queen of B-town and four times national award winning star, controversy’s favorite child Kangana is back to being fearlessly bold on the microblogging site wherein Kangana praising Taapsee as she-man on tweet slammed by netizens.

Often known for making controversial tweets on social media which are often not liked by fans and followers on twitter, this time yet again Kangana praising Taapsee as she-man on tweet slammed by netizens.

Often seen locking horns and being at loggerheads with Taapsee Pannu, this time around Kangana praising Taapsee as she-man on tweet slammed by netizens.

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Its true that Kangana referred to Taapsee as ‘she-man’ in one of her recent tweets and soon enough, the twitteratis and netizens started slamming and criticizing Kangana for her tweet and in another tweet we see how Kangana is clarifying about complimenting Taapsee for her tough looks.

It so happened that Kangana Ranaut reacted instantly to a post by Urban Dictionary who had posted a mocking definition of actress Taapsee Pannu through their tweet on twitter which read, “Taapsee Pannu is bollywood actress known for her befitting replies. She’s also called as the Sasti Copy of Indian superstar and padma shri recipient – Kangana Ranaut. She is also a member of Pappu Gang. Taapsee Pannu is a walmart version of Kangana Ranaut”. Immediately replying to this, Kangana wrote, “Ha ha ha She-man will be very happy today ….”.

Source: Urban Dictionary Twitter. They posted this intriguing fact about Taapsee yesterday which got reaction from Kangana.

Post Kangana’s demeaning tweet, we saw how many netizens slammed her wherein one user wrote, ‘Then what’s the difference between you and Bullywood? All that standing up for Sushant only to turn around and do similar to someone else’ and another one wrote, ‘She is as good actress as you. But she is definitely a better person that you. Your support and cheap ha ha ha tells a lot about you. Shame’.

Source: Dipu H Twitter. He slammed Kangana for trying to bully Taapsee.

After this, whilst replying to a tweet which referred to her tweet as a cheap line, Kangana replied, “Being a she man is cheap ? How rude Nayan…. I think it’s a compliment for her tough looks … why you thinking only negative I don’t understand…”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She replied to this twitter user’s tweet.

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