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Jaani & Afsana Khana Make Videos On Romaana’s Song!

Romaana, the fastest rising star, has impressed everyone with his voice and charm. Romana’s first EP, ‘Meherbaniaan’, has just been released by Desi Melodies and is attracting attention from a wide audience as views are on the rise. This album includes four songs created, composed, and sung by him. Romaana has also involved some of the best musicians like his own mentor Jaani, Avvy Sra, and Jaydden making it a melody to ears.

Romaana has gained popularity overnight after his first release ‘Goriyaan Goriyaan’ and right now the songs from the EP, ‘Meherbaniaan’, are trending on Instagram reels. 

Jaani who has mentored Romaana over the years also made a reel on his Instagram lipsyncing to the song ‘Khair Allah Khair’ with heartfelt expressions and a bright smile, he captioned the video with his favorite lines from it, “Gullaabaa’n deya’n Phulla’n vich Raula Pea Gaya @romaana44 #khairallahkhair #JAANI”.

Romaana’s songs are trending heavily on Instagram with everyone making reels on it. The support Romaana has received is solely because of his talent and in a very short time he has created a huge fan base for himself.

Coming back to the EP, The first song on the EP, ‘Mehrbaniaan,’ tells a story of a helpless bride who has given up her toxic lover; As the protagonist longs for his partner, ‘Khair Allah Khair’ embodies that longing; The song ‘Kithe Reh Gaye’ is about the love of his life and his desire to win it back, and for ‘Mann Dolje’ Romaana uses the canvas to praise his lover’s eyes and how captivating they are by using alluring metaphors.

On the Work front, Romaana has been a part of record-breaking songs such as Arijit Singh’s ‘Pachtaoge’ and is credited as the lyricist of Jassie Gill’s super hit song ‘Ehna Chauni Aa’. The young talent has contributed to superhits like ‘Haath Chumme’, ‘Sufna’ and ‘Qismat’ as well.

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