Honey Singh Made Up Stories About The Origin Story Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Lungi Dance; Here Is The Proof!

Honey Singh made fake stories about the origin story of SRK's Lungi Dance; netizens say, "He is making Lungi dance in different universes."

Honey Singh is a well-known rapper and singer in Bollywood. He has given us such hit songs, and one of them is Lungi Dance from Shah Rukh Khan’s film Chennai Express. The song was released in 2013, which was widely appreciated, and people still dance to it with the same energy.

However, the singer is making headlines for many reasons, including his shocking revelation about Bollywood. Recently, he revealed that he always had trouble making music for Bollywood. He said when he made Lungi Dance, SRK did not like it. He took three weeks to decide whether he wanted the song or not. Now this statement of his has confused everyone because a 30-second video of his old interviews is going viral. In which the singer has given different statements on the same thing in different ways.

In the first interview, Honey Singh says that Shah Rukh Khan took three weeks for lungi dance, whether he wanted it or not. In another video, Honey and Shah Rukh can be seen sitting together for one the event and the singer recalled how he sang song in fron of Channai Express actor and said “this is the biggest song of my life till now.” In the third clip, the Blue Eyes singer appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show, and he narrated another story where he stated, “phir unhoe gana pasand kiya aur meri kismat kholi aur meri dukan chal gayi.”

Reacting to the video, netizens made hilarious comments; one user wrote, “He is making Lungi dance in different universes.”

Another user wrote, “Variations in his interview. Same cheez batayega to log bore honge.”

One more user wrote, “Srk :- bhai mane to gana banane bola tha bhai ne storys bana di .”

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