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Himansh Kohli Opens Up On His Breakup With Neha Kakkar

Best known for his acting chops in Yaariyan (2014), Bollywood star Himansh Kohli in his latest interview opens up on his breakup with Neha Kakkar.

We all know how the ex-flames and once upon a time golden and adorable couple of Bollywood, film star Himansh Kohli and singer Neha Kakkar parted their ways and broke up with each other back in 2018 and their highly publicized breakup was in news and a hottest topic of discussion many months later after the entire ordeal. Whilst many people slammed Himansh for being silent on it, Neha did speak up on same on several public occasions. Finally in his latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Himansh Kohli opens up on his breakup with Neha Kakkar.

Breaking his silence and mum on same, finally the Yaariyan (2014) fame film star Himansh Kohli opens up on his breakup with Neha Kakkar.

Sharing more details on his side of the story where he felt upset as people kept targeting him for it, Himansh Kohli opens up on his breakup with Neha Kakkar.

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Opening up on the same, he said, “Yes, of course. If you are not speaking up, a lot of people will always think you are wrong. But there are also a lot of other people who should also understand that there is something called privacy. I don’t want to wash my linen in public. I just want to settle things in the house”.

Further also saying about how he doesn’t feel need to give out details of how exactly their relationship was and more, Himansh shared, “How does that matter to anybody? What matters is I should be happy”.

The suave Bollywood star next to be seen in film Boondi Raita alongside Sonnalli Seygall whilst speaking about his breakup that happened three years back in 2018, says he won’t blame Neha and also said that even he has moved on in life whilst clearing the confusion that he has not done anything bad to anyone and shedding more light on this, Himansh said, “The break-up happened in 2018 and I don’t blame Neha for it. She has moved on in her life and is happy. I am happy for myself, living my life, working, entertaining my audience, but there are some people who are stuck in 2018 whereas we are living in 2021. You can’t do anything about it. A lot of people say that I have done something bad to a person but I am happy because know I am not a bad person”.

Also sharing about how he went through several sleepless nights for having been blamed for doing wrong to someone, Himansh shares, “I wouldn’t get a peaceful sleep for sure if I have done wrong to anybody in my life. Neither do I need to explain in public what is right and what is wrong. People should have the common sense that if something is wrong in someone’s house, you don’t create a scene outside. You solve it inside your house”.

Also opening up on his post-breakup equation with ex Neha Kakkar, Himansh stated, “The toxic behaviour of people has nothing to do with us. She was angry so might have posted something. I was angry, I didn’t post anything. Who is toxic? People are toxic who keep on poking you that is not required. We are neutral with each other. There is no hate, love, nothing. I think if we can maintain that, people should also have the same thing”.

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