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FIR Against Kangana Ranaut and Sister Rangoli Chandel

Kangana Ranaut is again in hot waters and this time she is not alone. With her in those waters is her Sister Rangoli.

An FIR is launched against Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel for inciting communal hatred with hateful speeches and comments on social media.

Kangana Ranaut is known for being outspoken. Lately she has been extremely vocal about politics, Bollywood, Religion and everything under the sky.

This has landed her in not one but many problems. Right from getting her house demolished to being under the police scanner.

Ranaut in her tweets has also slammed Bollywood. She bashed the industry that has given her the fame and popularity on which she speaks with such confidence. Calling the industry a ‘gutter’ and it’s people ‘druggies’ has also resulted in the fallout with a lot of eminent Bollywood people.

Recently Kangana tweeted in response to the Tanishq ad and dragged religion into it. Being a right winged person, it was no surprise on what stand she took.

Many of her contemporaries lauded the brand for its portrayal of harmony, Kangana slammed it for apparently promoting love jihad.

Love Jihad being a derogatory word for Hindu-Muslim marriages.


A Bandra court has ordered an FIR against Kangana Ranaut and sister Rangoli Chandel for a private complaint filed with the court.

“On prima facie perusal of complaint and submissions… I found the cognizable offence has been committed by the accused. Total allegations are based upon comment on electronic media — Twitter and interviews. The accused used social media like Twitter. The thorough investigation is necessary by the expert… search and seizure is necessary in this case,” metropolitan magistrate Jaydeo Khule said in his order. He directed the concerned police station to investigate the complaint.

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The complaint was filed by Munawwar Ali Sayyed, a casting director and fitness expert.

The complaint states that Ranaut “is continuously defaming Bollywood film industry and is portraying people working in Bollywood films as a hub of nepotism, favouritism, drug addicts, communally-biased people, murderers, etc” through her tweets and TV interviews. “… (this) is creating a very bad image of Bollywood in the minds of people and even creating a communal divide and rift between people of two communities and in the mind of common man”.

“Police Investigation is necessary as to ascertain the real motive behind such hate tweets and who are the people backing such hatred to create communal tensions and sentiments against the government,” the complaint further said.

Ali has accused the sisters of committing offences under sections 153A, 295A, 124 read with 34 of the Indian Penal Code. Ranaut and Chandel committed these through their interviews and social media accounts.

These sections talk about promoting enmity amongst communities and malicious acts against religious sentiments.

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