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Fardeen Confesses Being Fat Shamed Was A Shocking Introduction

After Fardeen was clicked in city whilst visiting well renowned Bollywood film / casting director Mukesh Chhabra's office, during his recent interview, Fardeen said that body shaming was a shocking introduction.

Best known for films like No Entry, Heyy Babyy, Fida, and many more, B Town actor Fardeen Khan has amazed and shocked all of us with his body transformation journey wherein he has lost almost 18 kgs in past 6 months and during a recent interview, Fardeen confesses being fat shamed was a shocking introduction.

Fardeen who was seen in casting and now film director Dil Bechara (2020) fame Mukesh Chhabra’s office in the city recently looks totally lean and fit. We can say he is all ready to make his comeback in Bollywood again wherein during a recent chat conversational interview, Fardeen confesses being fat shamed was a shocking introduction.

After winning the hearts of the netizens and twitterverse with his mind-blowing physical transformation journey, Fardeen confesses being fat shamed was a shocking introduction.

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When asked about how he has been missing in action from past decade, Fardeen said, “Yes, I’ve been  away. And yes,  I am planning to return to  cinema. This is such an exciting time to be working again, don’t you think?”.

When asked about how he thinks Indian cinema is evolved, on this he says, “Indian cinema has evolved so  much. I guess  it was long over-due. Technological advancement is part of that growing process. Whatever the reason, the maturity and diversity in the kind of films being made is definitely something to be happy about”.

When questioned about what kept him away so long and did time just flew by for him, On this the ace actor said, “It wasn’t planned. I never thought I’d be away for so long. But it happened. Initially my wife Natasha and I had to  move to London because we were having challenges (to face)  in having children. In 2013 we finally had our daughter. Four years later our son was born. Each time there was a bundle of joy in the house it just took over our lives. I didn’t even know  how when so much time flew by. I had to be up and down between Mumbai and London. Because we  had chosen the IVF  route it wasn’t easy for my wife  Natasha. I had to be  by her side.

Further he also added, “Initially we thought we’d be away from Mumbai for  only  2-3 years. If only life were that simple! Being away wasn’t planned, I was dealing with circumstances. Now I am blessed with two beautiful children. And the  time I’ve spent with them away from work has been so beautiful. My children and I share an amazing bond. I count my blessings every day. I have a lot to be grateful for. Now I see the children a little more settled.I feel it’s time for me to get back to work. My return to work happened organically. It happened when it was meant to happen. Having returned I find the entire landscape of  the  film industry has changed”.

When asked that is he totally back in town or still will juggle back and forth between Mumbai and London, Fardeen told, “I’ve  always been going back and forth between Mumbai and London. I spent half my time there and half my time here. This time I’m back with a purpose. I want to do good meaningful work. I think this is the new golden-age of cinema. It’s encouraging to see such a diversity of  cinema  happening. Recently there was some publicity over a picture that someone clicked”.

When asked about the body shaming over his over weight, Fardeen asserted, “That’s a closed chapter in my life. It happened when it had to happen. I was never aggressively active on social media. That was a shocking introduction. Social media is a whole new reality. Everyone is learning how useful or damaging it can be. I think we’re all on the learning curve  regarding the social media. We just have to be responsible with it”.

When asked that is his family with him in Mumbai currently, on this Fardeen stated, “No, my children  have school in London. My daughter is 7 so all our decisions have to be according to her school calendar. So  the move to  Mumbai will have to be in June next year. I am now heading back to London for the holidays. Will be back  in January. I’ve been in Mumbai for a month now. The response has been  very encouraging. It’s very heartwarming that people still remember me after ten years. I’m looking forward to working again. I am exploring the new  landscape in our film industry. The old  landscape is being re-defined. Work ethics have transformed. People are far  more professional. With all these new movie-making platforms it’s all very exciting and new to me”.

Towards the end of the interview, when he was quizzed about how focused he is to return in the B town, Fardeen signed off by saying, “I am up for all challenges. Of course I’ve years  of experience behind me,and the older you grow the wiser you get. But my mindset is that of  a newcomer. I feel I am just starting out.I am excited, Subhash. I am  not coming back with any assumptions or any sense  of  entitlement . I just want  to do good work.The new platforms  have made our cinema relevant and progressive. We are  such a rich country. I mean India and US  are  the two biggest experimental democracies  of the world. There is so many stories to tell  in these two countries”.

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