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Farah Khan Says Her Kind Of Cinema Is Back And Hints At Big-Ticket Project 

Farah Khan believes her kind of cinema is back and it's time for the big-ticket

Director-Choreographer Farah Khan last graced the director’s chair for 2014 film Happy New Year. The action comedy heist film was a huge box office success in spite of receiving negative reviews from critics. It’s been eight years since then and Farah Khan hasn’t made anything in between. However, she is returning with something big and wants to stay quite about her plans.

Happy New Year was Farah Khan’s last venture, and now she is making a comeback to films as a director. She believes her kind of cinema is back and it’s time for the big-ticket. However, she wants to remain silent about her plans until they are implemented. Earlier, she had a big mouth and revealed everything due to her excitement but this time she won’t let that happen.

In a new interview with Times of India, Farah said, “What’s good today is that my kind of cinema is back! There was a whole cycle when I didn’t make a movie because my kind of films were not being made. It’s time for the big-ticket, tentpole, event films and blockbuster commercial entertainers. Those are the ones working. But this time, I want to be quiet about the plans till they roll out. Earlier, I had a big mouth, and I revealed all my cards due to sheer excitement. But now, I just want to focus on the work and get it going.”

Farah also spoke about collaborating with Rohit Shetty. She said, “Rohit and I want to make our film together. He has given me a hefty signing amount and is refusing to take it back (laughs). In fact, he has been very sweet to me. Even though he was not my friend, when my family and I were going through a tough phase a while ago, he picked up the phone to check if we were alright and if we needed help. That display of support makes me extremely emotional towards him. So, to answer your question, our film will be made but that’s all I can say at this moment. As for the other film, it was pure talk in trade circles.”

Since filmmaker Farah Khan hinted at her new project fans are awaiting yet another blockbuster from her.

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