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Ek Villain Returns Actor Arjun Kapoor Comments On South Vs Bollywood Debate

Arjun Kapoor feels audience taste has changed post-pandemic but Hindi viewers still exist

The rise of KGF 2, RRR, and Pusha has brought a storm in the film industry bringing the topic of South vs Bollywood in limelight. The subject has always been discussed but it is highlighted more now when Bollywood movies failed to make big while South movies have earned 1200 crores globally. Various actors have addressed the issue and the new to join the league is Arjun Kapoor. 

The Ki & Ka actor believes Hindi viewing audience still exists and will have to go back to basics and start appreciating our mainstream audiences In a conversation with IANS Arjun said: “The films that are being dubbed and are coming out in Hindi at the end of the day that is a big sign. English films that come they get dubbed… That is a big sign that the Hindi viewing audience is existing. They are alive.”

He minces no words when he says it is an “assessment that some of the Hindi films have not panned” Arjun added: “But you have to realise these films started say in 2019 and 2020 before the pandemic hit… A lot of them have been released now. We are also learning… It’s a phase where there is a new audience, taste palate that has come through. We are also adapting and learning. We have to go back to basics and start appreciating our mainstream audiences…”

“We somewhere got lost because we were appealing to the multiplex audiences pre-pandemic and the digital audience post-pandemic. The mainstream audience will always be the bread and butter of this industry. There is no harm sometimes to taking a step back to take two steps forward because you can assess, observe and learn. Unfortunate that the films did not work the way they should have and the next 6-8 months we have to be very patient… because there is phase and a cycle…”

He added: “If we had managed to understand the multiplex audience and delivered films to them pre-pandemic then today the belief has to be to learn and adapt to the new age belief, through process of the audiences and again start delivering… but patience is needed and we all need to be students and learn from the audience that is our biggest teacher.”

Arjun Kapoor is now gearing up for his upcoming movie Ek Villain Returns. The movie helmed by Mohit Suri also stars Tara Sutaria, Disha Patani, and John Abraham. The villainous characters are set to arrive in your nearest theater on 29th July 2022. 

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