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Double XL: Sonakshi Sinha And Huma Qureshi Connect Their Real Experience To The Film’s Story

Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi shared their personal experiences as they are gearing up for the release of their upcoming film Double XL

Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi are gearing up for the release of their upcoming film titled Double XL. The film revolves around issues of body image and women being body shamed. The film talks about subjects like obsession with body weight and female body image issues. The two leading ladies shared their personal experiences while talking about the film.

During the filming of Double XL, Sonakshi Sinha relived her college days when she was often body shamed. Talking about the same the actress said, “This film was a cathartic experience. Even before we started our career, we faced a lot of body shaming because we were big children.”

She went on to add, “We never had those role models, so it was important for us to become those people for the audience who is watching this movie. Everybody needs that reassurance growing up. It’s important to make people believe that it’s not always about how you look. It’s a very personal film for both of us.”

On the other hand, Huma Qureshi could connect the film’s story to her 10 years of journey in Bollywood when she was told she doesn’t fit in the mould of a heroine. Qureshi said, “Both Sonakshi and I have had very different journeys in films. But both of us have been told numerous times that we don’t fit into the mould of a conventional Hindi film heroine. We want to know what that mould is? Because that couldn’t stop us from achieving our dreams. As public figures, we face so much for being the way we are. I can’t even imagine what other girls and boys go through everyday.”

She went on to say, “If there is a plus size character in the film, they are at the centre of the joke. In this film, we don’t want people to laugh at them but with them. After being called a big girl my whole life, I was doing this film… I always believed I’m not a big girl, I’m a beautiful girl. This is for all those who have been told they are misfits.”

Double XL would be a slap on society that body shames plus-size women. The two leading ladies Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi are joined by Notebook fame Zaheer Iqbal and Mahat Raghavendra. Double XL is directed by Satramm Ramani and will release in theaters on 4th November.

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