Did You Know The Backstory Behind Pankaj Udhas’ Iconic Song “Chitthi Aayee Hai”?

Pankaj Udhas first refused the offer of "Chitthi Aayee Hai" as he felt that the producer of the film "Naam" wanted him to act in the film and not sing.

Pankaj Udhas, a legendary name in the music industry, took his last breath on February 26, Monday at Breach Candy Hospital. As per his family informed on social media, he died due to prolonged illness. In his 73 years of life’s journey he has given his melodious voice to many songs. Amongst his varied professional career, he is prominently known for his one song “Chitthi Aayee Hai”.  But do you know there is a very gripping story behind him getting this song?

This song from the movie “Naam” starring Amrita Singh and Sanjay Dutt was composed by Anand Bakshi and music directors Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The other major crew of this film, including director Mahesh Bhatt, writerSS Salim-Javed and producer Rajendra Kumar, all wanted this song to be sung by a real life singer on stage and not by any actor. So they considered Pankaj Udhas to sing that song. On the other hand, Pankaj Udhas never wanted to sing that song. He shared this experience in an old interview with Lehren. He said, “When Rajendra Kumar called me and told me that he wanted me to do this song, he never told me this. What he told me is ‘Pankaj aapko humare film mein kam karna hai’. I got scared because I was never cut out to be an actor. First place, I never wanted to be an actor as my focus has always been singing. I told Rajendra Kumar ji, I will come back to you. And then I didn’t call him back, and he really got mad, and he called my eldest brother Manhar Udhas. Manhar ji and Rajendra Kumar ji were best friends. Sso he called Manhar ji and he was angry. He said your brother has no etiquette, he has no courtesy.”   

After this whole scenario, Manhar Udhas spoke to his brother Pankaj and asked him about the problem. Pankaj explained that matter to his brother, saying, “I can’t act in movies, and I am not open to it.” Later, Pankaj called the producer and apologized for his behaviour and told them that he didn’t want to act. Replying to this, Rajendra Kumar said, “Who’s asking you to act in the film? We are asking you to appear as Pankaj.” This is how he got this song. He mentioned that maybe he was destined to sing that song.

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