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Deepika’s Latest Ad Gets Accused For Plagiarism By Sooni Taraporevala

Known for films like Bajirao Mastani (2016), Padmaavat (2018), Cocktail (2012), and many more films, Deepika's latest ad gets accused for plagiarism by Sooni Taraporevala.

Nowadays we are seeing Bollywood making official remakes of Hollywood blockbuster films but there was even a phase in our Indian cinema where often some movies were made by copying South or other international language films unethically. Something recently happened off late when our globally loved Bollywood’s Mastani Deepika’s latest ad gets accused for plagiarism by Sooni Taraporevala.

It so happened that the ace and stunning starlet Deepika Padukone last seen in Chhapaak (2019), her latest advertisement commercial for a denim brand had a similar studio set design which had been totally and unethically copied from the globally acclaimed Netflix film Yeh Ballet (2020) and this irked and didn’t settle down well with the film makers following which Deepika’s latest ad gets accused for plagiarism by Sooni Taraporevala.

This is a true and real news scoop of the day which will surely make the actress’s fans across the globe really sad that their favorite Deepika’s latest ad gets accused for plagiarism by Sooni Taraporevala.

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It so happened that this particular ad starring Deepika Padukone for a denim brand has been publically called out by the Yeh Ballet (Netflix, 2020) fame noted film maker Sooni Taraporevala who lashed and slammed it on grounds of plagiarism and not only this, but she also blasted by saying, “are you so creatively bankrupt”.

A denim brand’s latest ad commercial starring Deepika Padukone has been accused of copying the entire dance studio set which is totally similar to the one used in the Netflix movie, Yeh Ballet where she has openly spoken about how the entire set has been plagiarized till the very last detail and also has been passed off as their own creative work which is really unfair and uncalled for. She has lashed out brutally on the ad makers and production designer for illegally copying the entire studio set up.

Sooni taking to her social media handle ended up posting few pictures for totally real and easy legitimate comparison between the studios shown in both the new ad and their film Yeh Ballet. She wrote, “A couple of days ago @cindy_jourdain brought this @levis_in ad to my attention. I was shocked to see our Yeh Ballet dance studio set in this ad, because it was conceptualized & created out of a derelict space by Shailaja Sharma @shalzoid (our PD) from scratch and dismantled after our shoot. Basically @nadiaeye (the director of this ad) saw Yeh Ballet and decided to plagiarize our set down to the very last detail (swipe for screenshot)”.

Furthermore, she didn’t stop here and also questioned, “Would Levi’s and the director ever think of doing that in the west without permission / acknowledgment, and passing it off as their own creative work? This is not homage this is intellectual theft! It’s SO unfair to our wonderful production designer @shalzoid to have her work ripped off like that”.

Sooni Taraporevala has made it clear that this plagiarism and copycat cult needs to be stopped totally. She also wrote, “You would think a foreign production company and director would know better. Are you so creatively bankrupt? What were you thinking? @levis_in @nadiaeye @offroadfilms @rupinsuchak @newland.tv”.

Source: Sooni Films Instagram. she posted these images and also wrote a long note totally alleging plagiarism charges on makers of this ad for unethically copying their set design from Netflix film Yeh Ballet.

One of the images shared by her has shown the entire comment made by the ad’s production designer Rupin Suchak who has confessed that they have re made the entire set since that is what their director had wanted. A social media user in comments asked, “That’s exactly like the studio in the film Yeh Ballet, did you guys shoot there?”. On this, Rupin Suchak responded, “Yes we did 🙂 in fact that’s what our director wanted so we had to recreate that”.

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