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Crazy things that fans have done for the King Khan SRK

The following are a few moments when some fans of SRK have done some really crazy things for him.

Shah Rukh Khan is someone who has rose from being nothing to becoming everything. He is one of the richest actors and has a big fan following all over the world. This big fan following is so dedicated and genuine that you cannot say anything negative about SRK to them.  On the other hand, there are many crazy fans of his who have done some crazy and unbelievable things for him. 

The following are some of such insane things done by SRK’s fans for him.

1) The SRK Shrine

A man from Lucknow has been successful in beating a lot of SRK fans as he has turned his house his car and his medical shop into a Shrine of SRK. His whole property is covered with photos of Shah Rukh Khan and hid movie posters.

2) The Land on Moon

This is something totally unexpected. A lady fan of SRK from America has bought some acres of land on the moon for SRK. She gifts this in pieces to SRK on his birthdays every year. SRK receives a certificate related to this land from the Lunar Republic Society.

3) Bath in the same water.

SRK shared this incident during one of his movie promotion. He told about some man breaking into Mannat(SRK’s house) and took a swim in his private swimming pool. When the man was caught by the security while leaving, the man told that he broke in because he wanted to take a bath in the same water in which SRK bathed in.

Totally insane fans, aren’t they?

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