Chitrangda Singh Also Roots For Brown Is Beautiful After Suhana Khan’s Befitting Post

Chitrangda Singh takes to her Instagram story to share the message of ‘brown is beautiful’ alongside her photo collage. She follows Suhana Khan after her post slamming the people for making colourism remarks. Read below to know more.

In India, we live in a society where people don’t think twice before commenting on someone because of their skin colour. In our country, brown or dark shade is looked down upon while being fair is appreciated. Many of the brown girls and boys get trolled because of this colourism mindset of the public. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan took to her Instagram handle to give a befitting reply to the trolls. Especially the ones making colourism remarks on her posts. A part of her caption read, ‘hating on your own people just means that you are painfully insecure’. Now, actress Chitrangda Singh is also rooting for brown is beautiful.

Suhana Khan shared a few pictures of herself and the screenshots of the DMs she receives. These DMs  are of people making negative remarks on Suhana’s looks and the colour of her skin.

Giving a befitting reply to all the trolls, SRK’s daughter urges everyone to embrace who they are. Suhana asks her followers to accept themselves and let no one else define the meaning of self-worth.

Now, actress Chitrangda Singh has joined the bandwagon of shutting down trolls making defamatory remarks because of one’s skin tone. The Desi Boyz actress took to her Instagram story and shared a couple of pictures of herself.

Chitrangda accompanied the collage of pictures with a note, “Am brown n happy.”

Chitrangda Singh’s Instagram Story

Through her post, it is clear that the actress seems keen to end colour prejudice in society.

Actress Chitrangda Singh thus shuts down the trolls by embracing brown is beautiful.

With many movements in out of India like Black Lives Matter, it is necessary that we also pay attention to the issues causing trouble in our country.

It is really brave of Suhana Khan and Chitrangda Singh to take a step. It is to end the passing of sulky comments because of someone’s skin colour.

Well, it is clear that our society has its own set of beliefs of what makes a person attractive. Amid all the strong beliefs, it takes courage for people to take a stand and disagree.

We hope that many more Bollywood celebs come forward and spill their thoughts and opinions on the same.