Celebrities Who Didn’t Wish Katrina Kaif On Her Birthday But She Did For Them On Their Birthdays

Bollywood's diva well known for her acting prowess, beauty and grace none other than Katrina Kaif celebrated her 40th birthday on July 16.

Bollywood’s diva, well known for her acting prowess, dancing skills, style and fashion sense, beauty, and grace, none other than Katrina Kaif, celebrated her 40th birthday on July 16. The actress received adorable birthday wishes from her close friends, family, fans, and husband, Vicky Kaushal. However, fans were quick to notice that some of her B-town friends, including Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Varun Dhawan, and others, did not wish her on their respective social media accounts while she always wished them on their birthdays.

It soon became a topic of discussion on Reddit, where fans found it strange for these celebs not to wish Katrina, as she always wishes them with special notes.

No birthday wishes for Katrina from Alia, Ranveer, Priyanka, Hrithik and Varun. This is how she wished them
by u/AntEducationals in BollyBlindsNGossip

One user wrote, “Must say Katrina’s bday posts for each of them were very nice. If a colleague makes it a point to publicly wish other colleagues, it’s good manners to return the gesture. Have to give this point to kat. Most of them are active in instagram today, posting other things, it would not have affected them if they returned the nice gesture.”

The second user wrote, “Priyanka is online 24/7 but still didn’t wish. So hilarious to see that all the real friends shade they were trying to do against other actresses has gone down the drain after Jee Le Zara fell through.”

The third user wrote, “Kat gets a lot of hate than she deserves. She’s been cordial and sweet to people to have been complete asses to her.”

One more wrote, “Maybe something happened during jlz? Might be the reason why pc and Kat left the movie (acc to reports).”

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