AR Rahman’s Daughters Defend Him, Slam Organizers Over Chaotic Concert

Reports emerged of severe mismanagement by the concert organizers, resulting in a stampede-like situation

Renowned Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman found himself in the midst of controversy and criticism after his highly anticipated concert in Chennai turned into a chaotic and distressing event for thousands of fans.

The Sunday night concert at Adityaram Palace was expected to be a musical extravaganza, drawing an enormous crowd of almost 50,000 eager fans. However, the evening took a tumultuous turn as fans gathered at the venue faced a nightmarish ordeal.

Reports emerged of severe mismanagement by the concert organizers, resulting in a stampede-like situation. Chaos and confusion prevailed as attendees found themselves trapped in overcrowded conditions. Injuries were reported, and disturbing accounts of women being groped and molested amidst the chaos surfaced.

Children were also separated from their guardians due to the overwhelming crowd, further exacerbating the chaotic situation.

In the wake of the shocking events, the organizers issued an official apology on Monday, acknowledging their responsibility for the fiasco. AR Rahman himself expressed deep concern and offered compensation to those who were unable to attend the concert despite holding valid tickets.

However, the aftermath of the concert saw Rahman facing severe backlash on social media from disheartened fans, with many criticizing his role in the mismanagement of the event.

In a surprising turn of events, Rahman’s daughters, Raheema and Khatija, came to his defense by releasing a statement on social media. In their statement, they emphasized that the blame for the unfortunate circumstances lay squarely with the organizers. They highlighted the numerous charity concerts their father had organized from 2016 to 2022 and urged people to consider the facts before passing judgment.

The incident has ignited a fierce debate on social media, with fans divided over who should bear the ultimate responsibility for the concert’s debacle. Meanwhile, authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the chaotic event, and questions continue to be raised about the safety and management of large-scale concerts in the future.

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