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Anupam Kher’s Mother ‘Walked Like A Model’, Video Goes Viral

Anupam Kher gifted his mother a new bag from the US and asked her to walk with the bag like a model. Watch video!

Actor Anupam Kher recently returned for the US after finishing the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Shiv Shastri Balboa’. After the shoot, he did some public events, met his fans and also spent time exploring the foreign land. He also bought a gorgeous handbag for his mother Dulari.

As he returned, he gifted the light blue colored bag to his mom. Sharing the video, he wrote on Instagram, “Mom walked like a model. Dulari liked the new bag I got her from US. But was not happy with just RS.500 in it! But when I reluctantly asked her to walk with the bag like a Model. She happily not only obliged but did some additional acting also She has no idea how popular she is! Even though she says that people recognise her with a mask on. And that is the most innocent part of life.”

Anupam Kher’s mother is loved by people on the internet. Her innocence and how she is so simple and generous is something that touches the hearts of the people and reminds them of their own mothers.

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