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Alia Bhatt Prefers Deepika Padukone For “Amrita’s” Role In Brahmastra, Ranbir Comments

Alia Bhatt recommends Deepika Padukone for Amrita's role in Brahmastra, Ranbir says, Dev and Amrita are the "most exciting characters" in the trilogy.

Brahmastra: Ayan Mukerji’s film, Brahmastra is by far the most-awaited film of the year. The Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer film opened up to record-shattering earnings at the box office. However, what remained a major highlight in the film is the cameo of Shah Rukh Khan. While now there’s a buzz about Deepika and Ranveer playing a cameo in the second installment of the film. In a recent interview, Alia revealed said that she prefers Deepika for Amrita’s role in the second part of the film. While Ranbir claimed that Dev and Amrita are by far the most exciting characters in this trilogy.

Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor On “Dev” & “Amrita” In Brahmastra 2

In a recent interview with India Today, actress Alia Bhatt was asked to cast Bollywood actors for roles in Brahmastra, to this Alia recommended Deepika Padukone for “Amrita” in Brahmastra, she said, “DP for sure, for Amrita. She’s gorgeous, and stunning, and has that amazing stature.” 

Apart from Alia, Ranbir Kapoor was also seen sharing his views on “Dev” and “Amrita’s” role in the second installment of the film, Ranbir said, “Dev and Amrita are by far the most exciting characters in this trilogy, and it’s going to be very exciting for any actor to play this part. We have an inclination about where it’s going, and it’s only going to provide more grandeur to the trilogy.”

Ranveer To Play Dev In Brahamstra 2?

After Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated cameo in Brahmastra, it was earlier believed that either Hrithik or Ranveer Singh will be seen in the second installment of the film as “Dev”. Apparently, there was an official announcement made by the makers at the end of Brahamstra’s first installment that the second part of the film will be featuring a new character named “Dev” who will be the lead antagonist in the film and will also be the father of “Shiva” (Ranbir Kapoor).

Addressing the rumors, Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji told IndianExpress.com, “I can answer very few things about Dev. The idea was to create a very clear indication about where we are going next with the storytelling. That now we are really getting into the story of our antagonist. Decoding it, giving you some hook to hang on to for part two. Dev is the fulcrum of the entire Brahmastra trilogy.”

Netizens On Casting Ranveer As “Dev”

The much-anticipated character, Dev will be the father of Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) and also the original wielder of Agni Astra. While a glimpse of Deepika Padukone’s look as the “Jalastra” was also unveiled in the film. And ever since the announcement, the netizens have been suggesting that the role of “Dev” should be played by none other than Ranveer Singh himself as he shares good chemistry with Deepika Padukone. On the other hand, it was earlier reported that Hrithik Roshan had already turned down the offer to play the role of “Dev” in the second installment of Brahmastra as he already has many projects in his kitty for now.

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