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Akshay’s Filhaal 2 Mohobbat Teaser Crosses 11 Million Views

Another juicy scoop of the day here is that global bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar's Filhaal 2 Mohobbat teaser crosses 11 million views within few hours since its release.

After teasing fans and netizens with the motion poster image of much awaited music video sequel Filhaal 2 Mohabbat a few days back, the magical foursome of Jaani, B Praak, Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon are all set to make fans and audiences fall in love again with their new song which is a sequel to the smashing hit song of 2019 Filhaal and an amazing update is that global bollywood superstar Akshay’s Filhaal 2 Mohobbat teaser crosses 11 million views.

For fans who have been waiting to see their superstar Akshay Kumar on screens its a really thrilling news that their favorite Akshay’s Filhaal 2 Mohobbat teaser crosses 11 million views.

After breaking multiple records with the first part of the song Filhaal which became most loved and also a superhit romantic song of the year 2019, its much awaited sequel and second part, Akshay’s Filhaal 2 Mohobbat teaser crosses 11 million views.

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There is a lot of excitement around one of the most awaited and talked about song sequel Filhaal 2 Mohobbat which is going to be released on 6th July and ever since the poster got dropped on social media by makers and Akshay Kumar, fans and netizens are on cloud nine being really pumped up for the sequel to the song Filhaal which created history back in 2019.

Its true that Akshay Kumar’s Filhaal2Mohobbat teaser storms the digital world within few hours of its release. Akshay Kumar’s Filhaal has created multiple records when it released in 2019, it recently became one of the first songs in India to cross a Billion mark on YouTube.

With the sequel of the song being announced, fans excitement was at its peak. The teaser dropped at 2 pm on 30th June and just within few hours of its launch it created a frenzy on the internet and started trending nationally in India.

With over 11 million views (across all platforms) along with close to 60k comments (100% positive) coupled with upto 4 lakh likes in less than 12 hrs from its launch is a rare feat to achieve. Last checked the teaser was trending at No.1 position on YouTube Nationwide.

The crazy reaction to the teaser has got the anticipation for the song launch on 6th July few more notches higher!

Official video link to Filhaal 2 Mohobbat Teaser –

Source: Desi Melodies Official Youtube Channel. They have posted this video teaser of Filhaal 2 Mohobbat which has crossed 11 million views within first few hours.

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