After 13 Years, Salman Khan Starrer ‘Sher Khan’ To Finally Go on Floors In 2025

Sohail Khan confirms that Salman Khan starrer "Sher Khan" which had been put on hold for about 13 years, will go on floors in 2025.

Back in 2012, there was talk of a jungle-adventure film called Sher Khan starring Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma. It was meant to be a big action movie with lots of special effects, featuring Salman as a brave hero. However, due to issues with the special effects, the project was put on hold indefinitely. Sohail Khan, who had previously directed Salman in several films, was supposed to produce and direct it.

Sohail Khan To Bring Back “Sher Khan”

Now, it seems Sohail is thinking about bringing the project back to life. In a recent chat with News18 Showsha Sohail mentioned that he will start working again on his film, Sher Khan and the film might go on floors in 2025.

Talking about why he had to put the film on hold, Sohail told the portal, “That’s (VFX) one area where technology is growing by bounds. Every time we would finish the scripting of Sher Khan, I would watch another Marvel film, and that used to make me feel backdated in terms of what I’ve written and how I want the action to be. I knew that by the time the film comes out, it would look backdated.”

Sohail Khan On Taking A Break From Films

The actor further opened up about taking a break from both acting and direction he said, “It was my intent. I wasn’t really getting happy with the work I was getting as an actor. There were stories that I wanted to tell and I went out there to get the appropriate technicians or actors to cast.”

Sohail added, “I put so much thought into something and I wanted the most apt people to come together. Unfortunately, things didn’t gel well. Fortunately, however, god has been kind to me in terms of finances. Hence, there wasn’t any desperation to just do any kind of work. I just waited it out”.

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