Aamir Khan’s Daughter Ira Reveals That Her Communication With Her Mother Is Slightly Easier Than With Her Father

Ira then mentioned that one's relationship with their parents is the most complicated relationship they will ever have because you care the most about what they say.

Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira, has been vocal about her mental health on many occasions. She discussed the importance of talking about one’s mental well-being when facing issues and shared her own story. While speaking with India Today, Ira was asked about Aamir not being present during her childhood and whether it affected her relationship with him. She told India Today, “My relationship with both my parents is something that I’ve had to actively work on a lot because the relationship with your parents is the most intense relationship you will ever have.”

Ira then mentioned that one’s relationship with their parents is the “most complicated relationship” they will ever have because “you care the most about what they say, so it will take the most, and it will also make you the happiest, both ways.” Ira explained that, due to her struggles with her mental health, she was “forced to work on” her relationship with her mother and father.

She further spoke about her relationship with her parents, saying, “I think right now my communication with my mother is slightly easier than with my father, but I communicate with both of them openly.” She then shared, “In my head, I have this notion that my father is busy, even though he has always said, ‘If you need me, just call me.’” Ira added that these days, even her mother is busy as she is taking care of her parents. “In terms of opening up, I am equally close to both of them,” she said.

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