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    6 Bollywood movies every teenager must watch


    Films play a big role in shaping the attitude of youth. Time and again Bollywood comes up with films that beautifully reflect the emotions of teenagers, the struggles they go through and how a break-through moment changes their lives. So here is a list of Bollywood movies every teenager must watch if he or she is clueless about his or her life and needs some inspiration.

    1. Udaan:

    A film about a teenager who not only handles an abusive father but also struggles hard to convince that engineering isn’t his thing but his passion lies in being a writer.

    2. Tamasha:

    Ranbir Kapoor’s most underrated film Tamasha is a must-watch for every teenager who has big dreams in his eyes. A film about a boy who was forced to do engineering and a monotonous 9-5 job when he wasn’t just meant for it. Not only the teenagers, but it’s also a must-watch for their parents as well as the adults who couldn’t pursue their dreams.

    3. Wake Up Sid:

    There comes a stage in our lives when we are clueless about what we wanna do with our lives. We begin to question our decisions and sometimes even our existence for that matter. Wake Up Sid inspires us to correct our decisions, realize our talent and live life the way we want to be!

    4. Lakshya:

    A film that inspired the youth of India to join the army and serve the nation. The film depicted the life of an aimless college graduate who was undergoing a quarter-life crisis just like all of us.

    5. Rang De Basanti

    This film shows how a group in their 20s directed their anger towards making a change in the country and not just sitting behind and cursing the system. ‘Ya to jo ho rha hai hone do. Ya phir zimmedari uthao use badalne ki’- and this dialogue sparked a sense of responsibility amongst the youth.

    6. 3 Idiots

    3 Idiots pointed out the biggest flaw in our education system. It reminded us that life isn’t about grades, cut-offs and placements after all.  Aamir Khan, in the film, said, “Success Ke Picche Mat Bhaago, Kaabil Bano. Kaamyabi Jhak Maarke tumhare piche aaygi“- and this has stayed with us even after 10 years.

    Well, films like these leave a lasting impact on you. If you have watched them already, maybe, it’s time to re-watch them and imply the messages these films have been trying to give us!

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