Gaami Vs Bhimaa Box Office Collection Day 1 Prediction: Who Will Win?

As per the latest trade reports, Telugu film "Gaami" is expected to secure an average opening at the box office, meanwhile, "Bhimma" will start low.

8th March marked the release of two much-awaited Telugu films, including “Bhimaa” and “Gaami”. While “Bhimaa” is an action-adventure film, “Gaami” on the other hand is an adventure drama. While Gaami has been receiving positive responses from moviegoers and critics, Bhimaa on the other hand, has been receiving lukewarm response from the public. Here’s how much both these Telugu films are expected to earn on their opening day at the box office.

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Gaami Box Office Collection Day 1 Prediction

Directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, “Gaami” is a Telugu adventure drama. The film follows the story of a man named, Shankar, an orphaned Aghora, embarking on an adventurous quest to find Maali leaves, a remedy for his disorder. These leaves surface on Earth once every 36 years, offering him a singular opportunity to change his life. His journey commences towards the Dronagiri mountain in the Himalayas.

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Starring Vishwak Sen and Chandini Chowdary, the Telugu adventure film Gaami is expected to secure an average opening at the box office. As per, the film is expected to earn around ₹ 1.33 Cr on its opening day.

Bhimaa Box Office Collection Day 1 Prediction

On the other hand, directed by A. Harsha and produced by K. K. Radhamohan “Bhimaa” is an upcoming Telugu film starring Gopichand in the lead role. The storyline of the movie revolves around mysterious occurrences at a historic temple, prompting a detective to visit a small town for investigation. His quest is to uncover the truth behind these peculiar events.

Starring Tottempudi Gopichand in the lead role alongside, Malvika Sharma and Priya Bhavani Shankar Telugu film, “Bhimaa” opened up to lukewarm responses and reviews from the public and critics. As per, the film is expected to earn approx. ₹74 Lakhs on its opening day.

Note: The box office figures are still fluctuating and a precise number cannot be determined yet.

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