Big UPDATE On SS Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus ‘Mahabharata’: The Film Is Set To Begin…

SS Rajamouli's Mahabharata Will Be Bigger Then RRR Which Made Which Made Actors JR. NTR And Ram Charan Global Sensations

Renowned director SS Rajamouli’s Mahabharata is expected to be bigger than any Indian film, according to speculations. Fans are eagerly awaiting a major update on the film, and now it seems that there is some news for the audience.

According to the Sachnnik website, the movie is likely to start production as soon as Mahesh Babu wraps up his “SSMB29” project. Even the writer V. Vijayendra, who is also SSR’s father, hinted about Mahabharata. He mentioned that SSR’s next venture will be even bigger than RRR, which made actors Jr. NTR and Ram Charan global sensations. Earlier, Vijayendra Prasad stated that they are leaving an open-ended climax for “SSMB29” to potentially turn it into a franchise.

The script for Mahabharata is currently under production and is being written by V. Vijayendra. According to the writer, Mahabharata may very well be SSR’s next project immediately after “SSMB29,” but there is still enough time to consider it further.

In a previous interview with India Today, Rajamouli confessed that Mahabharata is his biggest project. He said, “If I get to the point of making Mahabharata, it would take me a year just to read the versions of Mahabharata that are available in the country. At present, I can only assume that it would be a 10-part film.”

SS Rajamouli has even referred to all his films as loosely inspired by the Hindu mythological epic and stated, “Every film I make, I feel that I’m learning something to ultimately make Mahabharata. So that’s my dream, and every step is towards that.”

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