Teenz Teaser: R Parthiban’s Horror Thriller With Teenagers Revealed By R Madhavan

R Madhavan reveals the teaser of R Parthiban's movie "Teenz". It's a horror thriller which will make you curious and afraid at the same time.

R. Madhavan shared an official teaser of a Tamil Horror Thriller named “Teenz”. Teenz is a directorial venture of Radhakrishnan Parthiban. R. Madhavan sent best wishes to the entire team of Teenz. Parthiban has worked for many movies as an actor as well as director. Before this, he has directed many thrillers and hence, this time also, he has managed to keep the buzz of his upcoming horror Teenz. 

The teaser has perfectly created an ambience for the movie. It casts many teenagers as protagonists and the story revolves around them when they visit that specific place. There are glimpses of many horrible things, which include skulls, animal killing, frightened face masks, a ghosted well, bike accident and others. The music has perfectly blended with those scenes. The teaser starts with a narration in the form of storytelling. Throughout the teaser, the makers played with music and the speed of the quick scenes. There is only a single dialogue in the film at the end which says, “I think something fishy is going on there.” 

The film is produced by Akira Productions, but the makers haven’t revealed any star cast yet. 13 teenagers are part of this movie. It will definitely get success  to create its frightening aura in the Cinemas. Well, the makers will reveal the release date soon. 

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