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Egyptian Sarcophagus Opens In 2500 Years For The First Time

Everyone knows about the ancient Egyptian pharaohs who were preserved in the Egyptian Tombs through a process called mummification where their bodies were conserved and well maintained by packing them up in that way but sarcophagus is a different thing altogether. Also now, in the midst of the ongoing global COVID 19 pandemic, this is indeed an important update here that the Egyptian sarcophagus opens in 2500 years for the first time.

While the world is in the clutches of the unprecedented coronavirus global pandemic which has still not stopped, since it is in full force even now where we are just a few months away from the end of 2020, this recent and latest new development is surely about to shock the youth, the netizens along with the audiences that where social distancing should be strictly maintained and followed, the Egyptian sarcophagus opens up in 2500 years for the first time.

Also, it is very interesting here to know that even after knowing all the pros and cons of opening it in this bad COVID 19 atmosphere, still the Egyptian sarcophagus opened up first time in 2500 years.

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Also the basic difference between an Egyptian coffin and sarcophagus is that a coffin is a rectangular closed box in which a dead person is buried while sarcophagus is a stone coffin, often adorned or decorated with sculpture.

This sarcophagus was discovered and revealed to the people by the sheer hardwork and efforts of the Egyptian archaeological mission who worked very hard to unearth the sarcophagus and they excavated it at the Saqqara necropolis which is approximately situated on just 30kms south of the capital Cairo.

This archaeological excavation project got fruitful results and was successful as it revealed a sprawling and huge burial ground which had as many as 59 human coffins which were all covered in elaborately intricate designs and ancient hieroglyphics which depicted symbols and pictograms.

This news update was posted by BBC News on their official Instagram handle where they captioned the post as, “This sarcophagus has been opened for the first time in 2,500 years. It was excavated by the Egyptian archaeological mission working at the Saqqara necropolis, 30km south of the capital Cairo. The project unearthed a sprawling burial ground with more than 59 human coffins covered in intricate designs and hieroglyphics. Saqqara, the cemetery site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. #Egypt #AncientEgypt #Saqqara #bbcnews”.

Source: BBC News Instagram. They posted this official news update on their account.

Also Saqqara which is the cemetery site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis is a world famous and globally renowned precious UNESCO certified world national heritage site which is the biggest pride of the picturesque country Egypt which is very famous as a travel destination all around the world and is specifically known for its ancient Egyptian culture and civilization which include the famous 7 Egyptian tombs.

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