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Shahid Afridi Confesses About Smashing The TV After Seeing His Daughter Imitate “Aarti” While Watching A Show

A video featuring former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi has surfaced on social media recently, and it has dragged the cricketer into controversy.

The former Pakistan cricket captain has dragged himself into trouble due to a controversial statement he made in a show. An old video has resurfaced on social media, in which we can see Afridi making a shocking revelation.

In the video, Afridi gets asked by the host if he ever broke TV in his home, to which the cricketer replied by saying, “I smashed my TV once, because of my wife. These daily soaps on Star Plus were quite popular then and I had asked my wife to watch them alone and not with the kids. I saw one of my daughters performing “aarti” while watching a daily soap. I then smashed the TV inside the wall.” If this statement wasn’t controversial enough that we see both the host and the audience laughing and clapping over it.

This video has attracted a lot of hate and criticism as one believes that Shahid is making fun of Hindu customs and traditions.

This video also comes into the limelight because of a statement made by another former Pakistan player Shoaib Akhtar about his teammate Danish Kaneria. In an interview, Akhtar confessed, “There were many who did not want Kaneria to be a part of Pakistan team because of his Hindu faith, and he was never given due credit for his performances and was also constantly humiliated by the teammates.”

Akhtar further added that some players even refused to share food with Kaneria. However, the fast pacer later clarified his statement by saying that his comments were taken out of context and that there was no discrimination in the team based on culture or religion.

Well, it is obvious to see that any topic related to the rivalry between India and Pakistan creates a toxic environment. Maybe the players should be more considerate about the statements they make in public to avoid further controversies.

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