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MS Dhoni revives unconscious bird, daughter Ziva shares story on Instagram

MS Dhoni is not someone who is swayed by tough situations and on the contrary, the former India skipper is renowned for keeping a cool head at all times. Dhoni’s calm and composed attitude has aided his decision-making, which have bailed Indian out of trouble on many occasions. Dhoni’s ability to react swiftly was again at display as he, his daughter Ziva and wife Sakshi, worked as a team to bring an unconscious bird to life, who they found lying in their lawn. Sharing a series of pictures on Instagram, Ziva explained how her father’s swift decision-making helped them save a bird’s life.

“Today in the evening on my lawn I saw a bird lying unconscious. I shouted for papa and mumma. Papa held the bird in his hand and made her have some water. After some time it opened its eyes. All of us were very happy,” Ziva’s post read.

“We placed her in a basket on top of some leaves. Mumma told me it is crimson-breasted Barbet and is also called Coppersmith. What a pretty, pretty little bird,” she explained.

“Then suddenly it flew off. I wanted it to stay, but mumma told me she had gone to her mom. I am sure I will see her again!,” she added.

Dhoni is praised for his calm nature not only in India but all over the world. Recently, New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson also spoke about Dhoni’s attitude.

“You might finish a series and try and have a quick chat and find the secret, but he (MS Dhoni) seems to take it in his stride and appreciates the game,” said Williamson.

“He (Dhoni) seems to remember what is important and not get too caught up with some of those things that may be distracting, very focused on what’s important,” he added.

Veteran wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik, who made his debut for India before Dhoni, also heaped praise on former India skipper.

“I haven’t seen him angry that often or I haven’t seen him express his anger explicitly outside too often. So, he’s been pretty much the same,” said Karthik, who leads Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL.

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