KXIP co-owner Ness Wadia: One positive case of coronavirus could kill the IPL

KXIP co-owner Ness Wadia has said that the owners are very concerned about the safety of the players and all others involved in IPL 2020. "Even if there is one positive case of coronavirus, the IPL could be doomed," he added.

Kings XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia has called for watching severe direction to the BCCI SOP for the IPL in UAE saying even one positive coronavirus case could prove disastrous for the league. The Indian cricket board has arranged a comprehensive 16-page SOP for the sheltered direct of IPL this year in the wake of the wellbeing emergency.

As a feature of the SOP, everybody including group proprietors, cricketers, bolster staff and their families should stay in a bio-secure air pocket.

In any case, the ongoing conversations have rotated more around the suspension of IPL title sponsorship of Chinese portable producer VIVO for the forthcoming season that will get in progress from September 19.

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Wadia feels that the hypotheses should stop and the proprietors are just stressed over the securely of everybody required during the occasion.

“There is a lot of theory going on. I think it is ludicrous,” Wadia told news organization PTI. “The main thing we (group proprietors) know is that the IPL is going on. We are exceptionally worried about the security of the players and all others included. Regardless of whether there is one case, the IPL could be damned.”

Wadia himself isn’t making a trip to the UAE for the season. “We need to change and adjust to the (bio-secure) condition. One case could murder the IPL. Superfluous conditions require conventional individuals to do unprecedented things,” he said.

After the brutal go head to head among Indian and Chinese fighters in Eastern Ladakh in June, an influx of boycotting Chinese items moved through the nation and in light of that BCCI and VIVO have suspended their ties.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what the BCCI has settled on title sponsorship. All the group proprietors had a gainful gathering and are on the same wavelength to make IPL a triumph. We have to help the BCCI and will meet again soon,” he said.

Wadia asserted that the supporters will be silly to be not part of the period this year as it will be the most observed ever.

“All the patrons will haggle hard yet I will change my name in the event that it isn’t the most viewed IPL ever. It will be the best ever IPL. You mark my words. Backers would be stupid not to be a piece of IPL this year,” he said.

“It would be an off-base business choice on their part to not be a piece of the IPL. I really accept that on the off chance that I was supported, I would be bounce directly in,” he included.