Indian Army To ‘Work From Home?’

After the coronavirus outbreak in India, will the Indian Army also get a chance to work from home?

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, corporate employees are now working from home. But ever wondered if our Army personnel would get this benefit of ‘working from home?’ Well, it sounds next to impossible, but for the first time in history, our Indian Army is also getting the opportunity to work from home. 

The army has issued a fresh advisory saying 35 percent officers and 50 percent junior commissioned officers (JCOs) in the Headquarters will take turns in working from home for a week from March 23 and the second group of officers and JCOs will proceed on home quarantine on March 30. 

It said, “Intermixing of groups has to be avoided. It shall be ensured that personnel are available on telephone and electronic means at all times for exigencies of work.”

The decision has been taken to minimise contacts in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. 

It is reported, “In order to avoid crowding, bunching at entry, exit points, personnel attending office at the Army Headquarters will also adhere to staggered timings (0900 hours – 1730 hours and 0945 hours – 1815 hours)”

The Army has also postponed all conferences and seminars till April 15 while ‘temporary duty’ of all ranks stands canceled/rescheduled till that date. A senior officer said, “The leave of personnel already on vacation will be extended till April 15 at the discretion of competent authorities.”

Also, all service personnel, except from Amry Medical Corps, who were attending courses will remain at their respective training institutes till at least April 15.