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Students demanding ‘Jinnah-wali azadi’ should be jailed: Baba Ramdev

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has said that the students demanding 'Jinnah-wali azadi' should be put behind bars. "Country has been burning for one month. Universities are meant for research but students are demanding 'azadi bhai azadi'," he added.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, on Monday, said that those who are protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) don’t even know its full form. He further said that the universities are for research and not for raising Azadi slogans. He also said that students of the prestigious universities of the country bring a bad name to the nation.

He, while expressing his displeasure said, “Country has been burning for one month. Universities are meant for research but students are demanding ‘azadi bhai zadi, Jinnah-wali azadi….are teri aisi ki taisi’. Such students demanding ‘Jinnah-wali azadi’ should be put behind bars.”

Meanwhile, he also took a dig at Padmaavat actor Deepika Padukon and said that she’s a great actor but will have to develop an understanding of the social and cultural issues. He said, “Deepika is a good actress but she will have to study to develop understanding on social, cultural and political dimensions before making such moves and should appoint me as her advisor.”

The yoga guru also expressed his support for the amended Citizenship Act and said that the Act is not going to snatch away anyone’s citizenship. He further said that it would only give citizenship to minorities suffering in other countries and give them a safe home. He further said that no country would like to have illegal citizens in their country and that the Act is going to serve as a filter to absorb people migrating to India from other countries.

The CAA aims to grant a fast track Indian citizenship to refugees who have faced religious persecution in three countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. People all across the country have been protesting against the Act as they feel that it is not only discriminatory in nature but also creates a divide on the basis of religion.

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