Monday, September 21, 2020

    UP CM Yogi inaugurates 56 fire tenders for sanitisation work amid COVID-19 crisis

    Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has inaugurated 56 fire tenders in Phase-1 in Lucknow which will be used for sanitisation work amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, the CM gave ₹30 crore to the fire department from which they placed an order for fire brigades worth ₹20 crore and other equipment including chemical suits worth ₹10 crore, an official said.


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    Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday inaugurated 56 fire tenders in the phase one which will be used for sanitisation work amid coronavirus threat.

    CM Yogi waved a green flag to launch the fire tenders here during an event.

    A fire department official while addressing the event said that the fire department was provided with Rs 30 crore by CM Yogi earlier from which they have placed an order for fire brigades worth Rs 20 crore and sophisticated equipment including Hydrolic combination tool, chemical suits etc., worth Rs 10 crore.

    “Currently there are 254 fire stations. We are spraying sodium hydrochlorite in 75 districts which helps in killing bacteria and viruses present in the air,” he added.

    During the event CM Yogi said that earlier in Uttar Pradesh fire tenders were not available in half of the tehsil out of 350 tehsil.

    “Today only 130 tehsil do not have fire tender facility and I am happy to announce that we are launching 56 fire tenders today along with their equipment. This event is taking place when the entire world is battling coronavirus,” said CM Yogi.

    “Around 10 days ago I had proposed to the Director General of Police, UP and State’s Deputy Chief Secretary to utilize fire tenders for sanitisation. Fire tenders are carrying out sanitisation work across the State and today 56 more fire tenders will be used for this work from today,” he added.

    According to the Union Health Ministry and Family Welfare, 305 people tested positive for coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, including 21 cured and discharged and 3 deaths.

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