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Bihar Man Transfers His Property To Elephants

In a heartwarming gesture, a man in Bihar has transferred his property to his two pet elephants.

A man in Bihar has transferred his entire landed property to his two pet elephants named Moti(20) and Rani (15). The man named Akhtar Imam lives in Patna and was emotionally moved after one of his pet elephants foiled an attempt on his life by a pistol-totting criminal.

Akhtar Imam, chief manager of the Asian Elephant Rehabilitation and Wildlife Animal Trust (AERAWAT) said that he has been looking after these elephants since the age of 12. He treats them as his children and can’t live without them.

Akhtar told a leading daily, “Once, there was an attempt of murder made against me. At that time the elephants saved me. When some miscreants armed with pistols tried to enter my room my elephant started trumpeting. It woke me up and I was able to shout and ran away.”

He further said, “Animals are faithful, unlike humans. I’ve worked for the conservation of elephants for many years. I don’t want that after my death my elephants are orphaned.”

This news has restored our faith in humanity. A few days ago, the entire nation was in shock when a pregnant wild elephant died in Kerala after eating an explosive stuffed Pineapple. The elephant wandered around with severe mouth injuries and died standing in the Velliyar River.

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