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5 Awesome Festivals Like Holi Across The Globe

Just Indians, do you think, have such fun festivals like Holi? Think again, because, in the name of celebrations, it seems we have encouraged many more states to get dirty.

If you’ve ever thought how Holi looks like outside world-crazy Indians covering each other with color and flinging buckets of water around-then take comfort because we’re not the only ones with crazy festivals.

Around the globe, there are many who fall into a similar category. Here are some of the festivals from all over the world such as Holi.

1.       The Orange Battle(Italy)

Celebrated in the city of Ivrea in northern Italy, the Orange Battle is a tradition similar to our own Holi. People throw oranges at each other instead of colors. It is also Italy’s biggest food battle. Food, it seems, makes slinging matches great for the stuff.

The tranquil Italian lake-town of Ivrea hosts yet another food-throwing event. After the battle, all the people join in the fun that turns the streets into sweet orange juice rivers.

2.       Mud Festival in Boryeong (South Korea)

Holi in India often gets dirty, wet, and muddy but in the Boryeong, a town about 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea, when they celebrate Mud Festival, it’s all about mud. It is an annual festival that is held during the summer. They started in 1998 and, by 2007; Boryeong had 2.2 million visitors to attend the Mud Festival.

3.       ‘La Tomatina’ (Bunol, Spain)

If you remember the iconic movie ZNMD there was a segment of such a festival and that was La Tomatina is a Spanish festival which takes place in Buñol, Valencian city.

Held last August Wednesday, people throwing tomatoes get into the tomato fight just for fun. Every year on the last Wednesday in August, the La Tomatina tomato battle in Buñol near Valencia happens, though the party starts earlier during the week.

4.       Chinchilla Watermelon Festival (Australia)

Chinchilla is a town in Queensland’s Darling Downs region of Australia, also known as Australia’s’ Melon Capital.’

Every second year in February there is a Melon Festival, where activities such as Melon Bull’s eye, Melon Skiing, Melon Chariot, Melon Bungee, Melon Ironman, a pip spitting sport, and melon eating races are held. Yet Melon Head Smashing is the most thrilling thing-cracking.

5.       Clean Monday Flour War Carnival

There is nothing clean about The Clean Monday festival that takes place in Greece’s Galaxidi. Commonly celebrated in early March, this marks the start of the 40-day Lent period.

Revelers paint each other’s faces on this day and pelt fistfuls of colored flour.

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