5 Amazing Road Trips To Take In India 2023

Delhi-Ladakh to the golden triangle, check out the top 5 road trips in India you can take with your family and friends.

Are you a travel enthusiast? And are you looking for a long road trip to de-stress yourself? Then you have visited the right place. For all the travel enthusiasts and people who are planning for long road trips, we have bought you the top 5 road trips you can take in India with your family and friends, don’t miss!

  1. Delhi-Ladakh

One of the most famous road trips in India is from Delhi to Ladakh. Every year bunch of groups embark upon the road trip from Delhi to Ladakh. The road trip to Ladakh is an adventurous one offering scenic views of jungles, lakes and mountains. The distance from Delhi to Leh Ladakh is around 1,000 km and takes approximately 2-3 days. Bike rides are especially popular, but you can visit the place by car too.

2. Golden Triangle

Second most famous road trips in India is the “Golden Triangle Circuit”. It is usually a 5-day long road trip that starts from Delhi to Agra and Jaipur. The Golden Triangle Road trip is basically a trip to visit various monuments in India, including the Mughal monuments in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra and then to Rajasthan. The road trip can be done by a bike or a car.

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3. Mumbai To Goa

Third on the list is the Mumbai to Goa Road trip. Mumbai to Goa trip would take at least 13 hours by road. This road trip is perfect for those who love both mountains and beaches. Starting from Mumbai and all the way to Kanyakumari the road trip is about 365 miles long offering tranquil view of the lush green jungles, sunny beaches, and scenic western ghats.

4. Shimla to Spiti Valley

If you love mountains, then our next road trip is for you. Starting from Shimla it takes around days to reach Spiti valley. While there are two routes to reach Spiti valley from Shimla, one is from Kinnaur another goes from Manali – Rohtang Pass to Spiti.

5. Chennai To Puducherry

Last but not the least is Chennai to Puducherry. The trip lasts for about 3-4 days starting from Chennai to Puducherry. You can reach the destination by using the East Coast Road (ECR) that runs along the Bay of Bengal coastline. From botanical garden to beaches and temples the scenic view is one of a kind on this road trip.

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