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5 Foods That Help You Sleep

Here are some food products which will help you have good sleep daily.

Sleep is the most essential part of our daily routine. A fresh start to the day is the perfect example of having had a great sleep at night. If any person does not have the right amount of sleep at night, then there are multiple possible outcomes like suffering insomnia, diabetes, depression, etc. But it can all be avoided with good sleep.

Are you not getting enough sleep, do not worry we are here and along with us is a list of 5 food products that help you get good sleep.

1) Kiwi:

According to a survey done by Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University, consumption of two kiwi fruits approximately an hour before going to sleep has had great results. 13.4% of total average sleep improvement was seen on the subjects under the survey.

2) Walnuts:

Walnut acts as a great source of melatonin and eating them brings about a rise in the clock controlling hormone which also results in improved sleep.

3) Almonds: 

Almands are rated as the #1 source of magnesium to our body and including almonds in our regular diet is useful in many ways. Almonds also increase out sleep time.

4) Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is considered as the ideal remedy to treat patients suffering from insomnia. 2-3 tea bags of chamomile act as a good sleeping agent.

5) Peanut Butter Sandwich:

Having a high amount of carbs in our dinner reduces the pace of the body and helps us get ready for a good sleep. Peanut butter spread on whole-grain bread will be the right combination of protein and carbs in the night meal.

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