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More Than My Face; Take A Peek Within To Find Your Beauty

With the rise of Social Media the World is getting smaller and Online validation is running rampant. It is important to know during such times what is actually worth of value. Your Face or your heart.

I am more than my face. You are more than your face.

Hello, This is X. She has beautiful brown hair which she just got coloured. She has hazel brown eyes and is wearing one of her favourite colours.

On further noticing you would see she carries a black sling bag. Would you notice all these? No. The only thing that you would notice is how fat is she. It’s true.

The first thing to register in you mind would be her figure. Don’t worry. It is not just you. Our societies have cultivated our minds to see superficially first. They just failed to teach to look below the surface. That fat girl loves Beyonce. She loves to swim. Would you care to know all that about her. No. Because you already labelled her as the fat girl and with that every stereotypical thoughts associated with fat girl will attach itself into that assumption.

This post is not about loving your body. I would be a hypocrite for writing about that. Not everyone loves their body. I am not comfortable in my own skin. Many want to look like a normal person. I want to fit in clothes for normal people. And here lies the main problem.


What consists of normal?

What is your definition of normal?

We are not the same person so how can our definitions for normal be the same. If being the way you are is normal. Then every normal is different because fundamentally we are all different. We need to focus on that.

One size fits all should never be the normal notion. While I cant talk about loving one’s own body, I surely can talk about let one be. We will only be able to look in the mirror and see something we like if only we see someone for what they truly are.


Image is important. If the wrapping is not appealing how are you supposed to be interested in the gift inside. Our bodies, our wrappings are as good as we feel they are.

How can everyone like the same wrapping?

Each is unique and each will appeal to someone on the planet. It is simple logic. You may hate sushi. But there are others who love them. Look past the wrappings and maybe just maybe you may find the gift you are looking for.

Like someone for who they are. If you want to unlike them, it should be for what is inside. Even if you hate someone, hate them for something other than superficial things.

So next time you see a fat girl, maybe just think what is her story?

You see an Asian ask what is her favourite colour?

That girl with piercings, what is her pet peeve?

The one with a big tattoo, maybe she likes sushi

That African American lady could cook up a storm

The shy hijabi, loves to dance.

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Or maybe just smile and walk away thinking the World is a beautiful place and we are blessed to be the ruling species.

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