6 Things To Eat On Your Visit To Amritsar

Don't miss out on these 5 food items on your visit to Amritsar!

Amritsar, the heart of Punjab is known for its rich history and local food. Be it for vegetarians or chicken lovers, the city has the best to offer for everyone. So, if you are in the city, you need to eat these 6 food items. 

1- Aloo Kulcha

Amritsar is known for Aloo Kulcha. And the reason is its fulfilling stuffing seasoned with Indian spices accompanied by melting butter. Served with chickpea and chutney, this is a complete meal in itself. Your trip to Amritsar is incomplete unless you indulge yourself in delicious Kulchas. 

2- Kali Daal

Kali Daal aka Maa ki Daal is a popular dish in Punjab. If you want a regular North Indian meal for dinner, just go for this Black Dal with Tandoori Roti without a second thought. 

3- Butter Chicken

Amritsar is heaven for Chicken lovers. Butter chicken is a must-have on your visit to the city.  

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4- Puri Chana

Ditch the fancy restaurants, and go for local street food. And what could be better than our desi meal of Puri and Chana? Once you have them, you will find it hard to like the street food of any other city. 

5- Gulab Jamun

A meal is incomplete without a dessert. So after your high calory meal, try some yummy Gulab Jamuns dipped in sugar syrup. The tiny balls will simply melt in your mouth with every bite. You can also try some Jalebi too. 

6- Lassi

What is the use of visiting Amritsar, if you don’t have a glass of Amritsari Lassi? The churned lassi brimmed up with gallops of butter is a must-try. 

Well, once you visit Amritsar, forget about your diet and calories coz little extra calories for the sake of heavenly food hasn’t harmed anyone.