Thursday, October 1, 2020

    Vladimir Putin, You Didn’t Know | World’s Most Powerful Man


    You have heard the allegations you have heard political leaders criticize and you have seen thousands of people bend their knee in front of this giant. And if the US spy community is right, Vladimir Putin is the most powerful person in the world. Did Putin alter the 2016 US presidential election through devious hacking? Did he win the 2018 Russian Presidential elections fairly? Or is it one man’s obsession and thirst to rule a country with his own set of rules and make the world a playground of lies, wars, executions, oppression, and fear? Check out the video to find out. Vladimir Putin got a taste of power on a rainy night in Dresden, East Germany, as the Iron Curtain began to collapse. Stationed at the local Russian intelligence headquarters in Dresden, the 37-year-old junior KGB agent found himself in charge as an angry crowd closed in on December 5, 1989. Putin phoned Moscow for help. The answer: you’re on your own. As the crowd grew and surrounded the building, Putin fired up the furnace and torched thousands of secret KGB files as a precaution. Then, he went outside and bluffed: he warned the mob of people that armed guards inside the building were prepared to open fire into the crowd. And it worked. The mob dispersed. Since then Putin has been on a path to gain absolute power. As Putin begins his 4th term of Presidency, the man has successfully annexed Crimea, won a war against Chechnya, had a successful military operation in Syria among many things. Putin has given them something much more in keeping with the macho spirit of the Russian muzhik: a horse-riding, bare-chested, tiger-wrestling, clean living, straight-talking action man. Putin has changed beyond all recognition from the chaotic, open free-for-all it was under Yeltsin. Internationally it faces isolation, sanctions, a new cold war even. At home, despite economic decline Putin enjoys perhaps the highest popularity rating of any Kremlin leader. Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that Putin has made a huge impact on his country and the world.

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