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Vikas’s Mom Breaks Silence On Son’s Recent Allegations In BB14

Post Vikas's confession of his family disowning him because of him coming clean about his sexual orientation, his mother Sharda Gupta breaks her silence and pens a long on note on social media wherein she says, "he couldn't allow us our peace".

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 airing on Colors TV hosted by Salman Khan, we saw, how the mastermind Vikas Gupta broke down and opened up on his story wherein he confessed that his parents disowned him after he came open about his sexual orientation. Now as a response to it, Vikas’s mom breaks silence on son’s recent allegations in BB14.

This is really like getting to know the other side of the whole story wherein after Vikas’s confession about his mother disowning him post him coming open about his sexual orientation, As an answer to this, finally coming clean, Vikas’s mom breaks silence on son’s recent allegations in BB14.

Not only is this true which is making us confused as to what is truth and what is fake, but ultimately after keeping quiet for so long, coming totally straight forward and penning about it, Vikas’s mom breaks silence on son’s recent allegations in BB14.

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On social media platforms, Vikas’s mom Sharda Gupta wrote a long and heart felt note wherein she also explained that her and his brother Siddharth broke their ties with him long before he came out in open about his sexual orientation. Calling it totally wrong and absurd that she broke ties with him because of his sexual orientation, she also clarified about not speaking out earlier out of love and respect for her son Vikas but now it came down to a saturation point and situation that she just had to. She wrote, “To think that we actually distanced our own (son) for his sexual orientation is equal to making a derogatory statement about my family. Yes, my son and I are not on great terms but that has nothing to do with his orientation. We had cut off ties with him much before he decided to come out in public, and we knew and have always loved him and accepted him the way he is. So the news about us distancing him cause of his choices is a complete hoax fabricated to one’s convenience. But sometimes, when you give too much love, you risk to be taken for granted”.

The note furthermore also read, “Unfortunately we distanced ourselves from him but despite that, we maintained a silence because unlike him, we didn’t want to paint a bad picture of him in the media. This matter would have never reached this far had my son not decided to cast aspersions against us. We had decided to give him due respect, but he couldn’t allow us our peace, which as a family, is our defeat. This would be my first and last statement on the same as I don’t intend to carry on with this blame game and I would request everyone to understand and give us the respect and privacy we deserve. Thank you”.

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