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Priyank Questioned About His Sexuality Post Vikas’s Confession In BB14

Now Bigg Boss 14 is going to come across a surprise truth revelation wherein the mastermind Vikas finally confesses in front of both Rubina and Nikki about him having been in a secret affair with a former BB contestant for one and a half years post which Vikas's fans and netizens have already started questioning Priyank Sharma's sexuality after Vikas's confession.

In Bigg Boss house, things always are very controversial and talk of the town where there are fireworks, masala, controversies, love triangles, entertainment and what not. Recently, in one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 14, we see that how finally Vikas confessed about his sexuality to Rubina and Nikki about his truth of dating a former BB contestant for one and a half year where he didn’t really take any names, but now this has resulted in his former bestfriend Priyank questioned about his sexuality post Vikas’s confession in BB14.

In recent episodes, we will see that how finally putting an end to all rumors and speculations, Vikas breaks his silence and ends up spilling out his darkest secret of having been in a relationship for one and a half year with a former BB contestant to both Rubina and Nikki, where he doesn’t point out at any one, but now everyone knows who is it an indirect indication to which has leaded into Priyank questioned about his sexuality post Vikas’s confession in BB14.

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Vikas who recently has re-entered the reality show Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger contestant to current contestant, has been in limelight and grabbing the eyeballs of audiences for his personal life whereby in the upcoming promo, we will see how the mastermind will finally break down into tears in front of both Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli, and end up confessing about his secret of having been in an secret affair with a guy who was also former BB contestant for one and a half years which left both Rubina and Nikki shocked and flabbergasted but Vikas’s fandom already are very much aware about who is he talking about in the promo where even though he didn’t mention any name, but the social media users and netizens were really quick to react.

Earlier also, he had opened up about his sexuality whereby Vikas had also revealed all about his past relationships with Kasautii Zindagi Kay star Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma where he also spoke clearly about how Priyank had used him in order to get famous.

After his big truth revelation on Bigg Boss 14, we could see how fans started questioning Priyank’s sexuality on social media wherein few fans have humbly requested him to come forward and clear the air about the same.

While crying his heart out in front of both Rubina and Nikki Vikas says, “I have gone through so much emotional stress in one and a half years. I haven’t taken his name till now, but now I will take the name properly. He and I were together for a year-and-a-half before he came into this show. Bahut hi vital insaan hai ye. Jab mein wapas aaunga tab chodunga nai”.

Meanwhile, currently at the moment, TV personality Priyank Sharma has posted a couple picture of him with his on and off girlfriend Benafsha Soonawalla after deleting and removing all her pictures from his Instagram profile in October this year. Priyank has also started following her yet again on Instagram but Benafsha has still kept his profile unfollowed only.

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