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Shruti Anand Recalls People Made Fun Of Her In TV Industry, ‘You Won’t Get A Show After This’

Actress Shruti Anand recalls her experience of working for her first show: "People used to make fun of me and some even told me that 'you won't get a show after this."

Actors have to face their part of struggles when they enter the industry. From finding work to dealing with harsh remarks, an actor has to face many things during the initial days.

Actress Shruti Anand, who is currently seen playing the lead role (Ruchita) in the Dangal TV show Mann Sundar, made her debut with the Star Bharat show Teri Ladli Main. Recently, she talked about her initial days in the television industry.

Recalling the time, she says, “I have faced hard criticism during my initial days. During the shoot of my first show, I didn’t know much about camera techniques as I was completely new and had no knowledge. I was clueless about where to look in the camera, speaking lines, lighting and many things. There were some people who used to support me and make me understand things but there were people who made remarks about me.”

She further reveals, “People used to make fun of me and some even told me ‘you won’t get a show after this.’ These kinds of remarks were hurtful to hear. I was so upset and demotivated by their remarks that it made me doubt myself. However, I feel glad that I didn’t give up and stood head-high. All I did at that time was to stay patient and polish my acting skills. I handled the situation with lots of patience, but I am glad that the criticism made me strong and shine more.”

Talking about the current scenario, the actress says, “I am happy that I kept learning new things and evolving my inner self. I am glad with the way my career has shaped. Today, I receive immense love and appreciation from the audience. Appreciation of work is what an actor yearns for and I am thankful to the people for giving me this in abundance.”

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